Scents of Direction has been in the Reflexology field for 29 years, teaching and with a progressive Reflexology Clinic. Teaching started in

      Humboldt which was a success, teaching many from out of the province where some have set up a business or took the class just to work

      on loved ones. Then the school moved to Saskatoon, which was simply more central for most, still with much success. Today, we still have

      a school in Saskatoon, and now have branched out to Calgary, Medicine Hat and other centers. Over the 29 years we have had many

      success stories, and are still amazed that when the body gets a little encouragement to help itself it can get better. In that span of time, we  

      have  also seen the ups and downs of Reflexology, but in the past 18 years Reflexology has been on the increase, people just keep comining

      back to this time-tested treatment.  Our recent development is to offer registration nubers to our graduates: this took place in March of 2016.  


    Scents of Direction training consists of 5 days. Monday to Friday of in-class instruction, from 10:00 am. to 6:00 pm., an hour for lunch and

    coffee breaks are taken when notes are discussed. You are then given one month of homework and come back for a half a day of testing,

    both a written and a practical test. This is quite an in-depth study and this amount of time will give you the confidence and the training

    needed to set up you own Reflexology Clinic.


    Scents of Direction Essential Oils are classed as 100% pure and are of therapeutic quality. Different oils can compliment the Reflexology  

    Treatment, actually making it more effective. Because oils are used in the clinic, they were introduced into the training.


    $1400.00 Includes the Foot/Hand/Ear Reflexology. Introduction to Aromatherapy that include suggested oils for the different body systems,

    plus contraindications. There is an additional cost of $25.00 for registration paperwork, due at the at the time of testing.


     Professional plasticized Foot Reflexology wall chart, notes typed and copied, (Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology, and introduction to

    Aromatherapy) with 20 case history sheets. Scents of Direction Essential Oils - 10 ml Tea Tree, 10 ml Lavender, 10 ml Peppermint, and a

    starter size lotion.


    Emphasis is placed on the practical work. Theory includes terminology, procedure, anatomy and physiology. Theory is broken down  to

    in-class instruction and at home study. At home you will complete the assignment of doing 20 treatments (minimum of 5 people), evaluate

    them and do brief write-ups on them, and on any illnesses or concerns your client may have, and then bring the copies in on your day of

    testing to be evaluated and discussed. Also a practical evaluation is done at this time. The day you come back for your evaluation is your 1/2 

    day of training, you will also have a written exam. This should be scheduled within one month of your last day of class and a date can be set

    at that time. Certificate will be issued also at that time along with your registration number.


    - Introduction and history of Reflexology

    - Instruction on giving a Foot Reflexology Treatment

    - Any homework given will be repeating a Foot Reflexology Treatment


    - Doing a case history

    - Notes starting to relate body systems to the nerve endings of the feet

    - Depending on the size of the class, treatments given on volunteers or other students in the class.


    - Business Tips, who to contact to set up a business

    - Ideas to promote your business

    - Exchange of treatments

    - Notes


    - Finishing any notes

    - What to study

    - Setting a date for examination and what to bring to class

    - Exchange of treatments


    - Hand/Ear Reflexology notes and procedure

    - Wrap-up any last minute questions or concerns

    - No volunteers this day, treatments will be done on each other

       Homework One month (give or take a few days)

    - 20 documented treatments with case histories (brought to class at exam time for evaluation)

    - To study

    - Set up your business

    - Record hours


    Select a date (below) an Entrance Fee of $700.00 is required, $200.00 of this is a registration fee to secure your position in the class (this is

    non-refundable). This cost is considered part of your tuition and will be deducted from the total. Total tuition must be received at least one

    month (or as soon as possible) in advance of the class date. Have short fingernails, but not freshly cut. Bring with you a highlighter, pen,

    pencil, loose leaf paper. Wear casual clothes. Payments can be made through Debit, e-transfer, Visa, MasterCard (a credit card fee may be 

    charged), Certified cheque or money order. Government recognized receipt issued that you can use for your income tax.


    Elaine D. Pfeil C.R. - medical training background, and also maintains a progressive Reflexology practice.

    Joanne Livingstone C.R. – instrumental in setting up the procedure and notes and evaluating Foot Reflexology treatments.

    *attract clientele from the young to the young at heart - healthy to the health conscious and the stressed*


   SASKATOON – 2018 Dates November 5-9,  2019 Dates Feb. 4-8,  April 8-12,  June 3-7, Aug. 12-16, November 4-8.

   CALGARY – 2018 Dates November 12-16, 2018 Dates Feb. 11-15, April 22-25, June 10-14, Aug. 19-23,November 18-22.

   Please contact us to arrange a custom location or dates for your group of 4 or more.


   - Scents of Direction has met the requirements to issue a receipt, with a tax number that can be used as a deduction for education on your

      income tax.

   - Your receipts issued to your clientele are accepted by those with the specific benefits for Reflexology.

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